This extremely popular collecting area includes the stamp issues of the then Landespostdirektion Berlin, which were active in the 3 western sectors of the city and were subordinate to the former Deutsche Bundespost.


The better stamps of the 2nd control council series with black or red oblique imprint BERLIN should only be purchased several times (!) Checked, as the market is flooded with numerous forgeries and incorrect checks.

The issue of stamps for West Berlin was discontinued in September 1990. Their validity ended on December 31th 1991


 71 European Recovery Program
Date of Issue October 1st 1950, Special-postage Stamp -..
 72-73 Reconstruction of the Berlin Philharmonic
Date of Issue October 29th 1950, Special-postage Stamps ..
 74 Albert Lortzing, Death Centenary
Date of Issue April 22th 1951, Special-postage Stamp - ..
 75-79 Bell of Freedom, Clapper at left
Date of Issue between 1st. May / 6th. August 1951, Spec..
 80-81 Stamp Day, Exhibition "Stamps of the World "
Date of Issue: 7th October 1951, Special Stamps - Junge..
 82-86 Bell of Freedom, Clapper at right
Date of Issue between 23th December 1951/ 27th January 195..
 87 Ludwig van Beethoven, 125th Death Anniversary
Date of Issue: 26th March 1952, Special Stamp - Gesicht..
 88-90 Olympic Games Festival, Berlin
Date of Issue: 20th June 1952, Special Stamps - Fackel,..
 91-100 Famous Berliners (I)
Date of Issue between 12th October 1952/ 24th June 1953, ..
101-105 Bells of Freedom, Clapper in centre
Date of Issue between 28th July / 9th October 1953, Spe..
106-109 Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church - Reconstruction Fund
Date of Issue: 9th August 1953, Special Stamps - Vor de..
110-111 East German Uprising 17. Juni 1953
Date of Issue: 17th August 1953, Commemorative Stamps -..
112-113 Berlin Views (II)
Date of Issue between 29th August 1953 / 22th January 1954..
115 Death of Prof. Dr. Ernst Reuter
Date of Issue: 18th January 1954, Special Stamp - Prof. ..
116 Four Power Conference Berlin
Date of Issue: 25th January 1954, Special Stamp - Kleis..
117 Ottmar Mergenthaler, Birth Centenary
Date of Issue: 11th May 1954, Special Stamp - Ottmar Mer..
118 West German Presidential Election 1954
Date of Issue: 17th July 1954, Special Stamp Neuauflage..
119 10th anniversary of the assassination attempt on A. Hitler
Date of Issue: 20th July 1954, Commemorative Stamp - Man..
120b National Stamp Exhibition
Date of Issue: 4th August 1954, Special Stamp - Preußis..
121-123 Berlin Views (III)
Date of Issue between 10th August / 23th October 1954 R..
124 Richard Strauss, 5th Death Anniversary
Date of Issue: 18.September 1954, Special Stamp - Richar..
125 August Borsig, Death Centenary
Date of Issue: 25.September 1954, Special Stamp - Schmie..
126-127 Motor Ship Berlin
Date of Issue: 12. March 1955, Special Stamps - M.S. Ber..
128 1st Anniversary of Wilhelm Furtwängler´s Death
Date of Issue: 17th September 1955, Special Stamp - Wil..
129-130 Federal Parliament Session Berlin
Date of Issue: 17th October 1955, Special Stamps - Wapp..
131 Stamp Day and Philatelic Fundation
Date of Issue: 27th October 1955, Special Stamp - Preus..
132-134 Berlin Bishop 25th Anniversary
Date of Issue: 26th November 1955, Special Stamps - Hl...
135 wv Berlin Buildings and Monuments (I)
Date of Issue: 1st March 1956, Regular Stamp; - Funkturm..
136-137 Federal Council Meeting, Berlin
Date of Issue: 16th March 1956, Special Stamps - Wappen..
138-139 German Engineers´Union, Centenary
Date of Issue: 12th May 1956, Special Stamps - VDI Embl..
140-154 Berlin Buildings and Monuments
Date of Issue between 22th Juni 1956 / 8th March 1962, ..
155 Flood Relief Fundation
Day of Issue: 9th August 1956, Special Stamp - Glocke mi..
156 Paul Lincke, 10th Death Anniversary
Day of Issue: 3rd September 1956, Special Stamp - Paul L..
157 German Industrial Exhibition, Berlin
Day of Issue: 15th September 1956, Special Stamp - Anten..
158 Stamp Day and Philatelic Fundation 1956
Day of Issue: 26th October 1956, Special Stamp - Branden..
159y 725th Anniversary of Spandau
Day of Issue: 7th March 1957, Special Stamp - Stadtansic..
160-162 International Building Exhibition, Berlin
Day of Issue between 27th April /6th July 1957, Special St..
163-172 Portraits (II)
Day of Issue between 22th June/6. May 1957-1959, Specia..
173 German Cultural Congress
Day of Issue: 6th August 1957, Special Stamp - Uta ( ers..
174-175 1st Federal Parliament Assembly in Berlin
Day of Issue: 15th October 1957, Special Stamps - Bundes..
176 Stamp Exhibtion Bephila, Berlin
Day of Issue: 23th October 1957, Special Stamp - Postili..
177 7th World War Veteran Congress Berlin
Day of Issue: 28th October 1957, Special Stamp - Emblem ..
178 German Mothers´Convalescence Fundation
Day of Issue: 30th November 1957, Special Stamp - Elly H..
179-180 German Catholics´ Day, Berlin
Day of Issue: 13th August 1957, Special Stamps - Christu..
181 Major Prof. Otto Suhr, 1st Death Anniversary
Day of Issue: 30th August 1958, Special Stamp - Prof. Ot..
182-186 Federal President Theodor Heuss
Day of Issue between 31th January / 22th May 1959, Regular..
187 Berlin Views (III)
Day of Issue February 14th 1959, Regular Stamp - Berlin..
188 Berlin Airlift, 10th Anniversary
Day of Issue: 12th May 1959, Special Stamp  - Transport pl..
189 14th World Communities Congress Berlin
Day of Issue: 18th June 1959, Special Stamp - Brandenbu..
190 Friedrich von Schiller, 200th Birth Anniversary
Day of Issue: 10th. November 1959, Special Stamp - Fried..