West Berlin, mnh

 71 European Recovery Program
Date of Issue: 1st October 1950, Special Stamp - Eröffnu..
 72-73 Wiederaufbau der Berliner Philharmonie
Date of Issue: 29th October 1950, Special Stamps - Harf..
 74 Albert Lortzing, Death Centenary
Date of Issue: 22th April 1951, Special Stamp - Albert ..
 75-79 Bell of Freedom, Clapper at left
Date of Issue between 1st. May / 6th. August 1951, Spec..
 80-81 Stamp Day, Exhibition "Stamps of the World "
Date of Issue: 7th October 1951, Special Stamps - Junge..
 82-86 Bell of Freedom, Clapper at right
Date of Issue between 23th December 1951/ 27th January 195..
Date of Issue: 26th March 1952, Special Stamp - Gesicht..
 88-90 Olympic Games Festival, Berlin
Date of Issue: 20th June 1952, Special Stamps - Fackel,..
 91-100 Famous Berliners (I)
Date of Issue between 12th October 1952/ 24th June 1953, ..
101-105 Bell of Freedom, Clapper in centre
Date of Issue between 28th July / 9th October 1953, Spe..
Date of Issue: 17th August 1953, Commemorative Stamps -..
115 Death of Prof. Dr. Ernst Reuter
Date of Issue: 18th January 1954, Special Stamp - Prof. ..
116 Four Power Conference Berlin
Date of Issue: 25th January 1954, Special Stamp - Kleis..
117 Ottmar Mergenthaler, Birth Centenary
Date of Issue: 11th May 1954, Special Stamp - Ottmar Mer..
Date of Issue: 17th July 1954, Special Stamp Neuauflage..
119 Attempt on Hitler´s Life, 10th Anniversary
Date of Issue: 20th July 1954, Commemorative Stamp - Man..
120a National Stamp Exhibition
Date of Issue: 4th August 1954, Special Stamp - Preußis..
Date of Issue between 10th August / 23th October 1954 R..
124 Richard Strauss, 5th Death Anniversary
Date of Issue: 18.September 1954, Special Stamp - Richar..
125 August Borsig, Death Centenary
Date of Issue: 25.September 1954, Special Stamp - Schmie..
Date of Issue: 12. March 1955, Special Stamps - M.S. Ber..
128 1st Anniversary of Wilhelm Furtwängler´s Death
Date of Issue: 17th September 1955, Special Stamp - Wil..
Date of Issue: 17th October 1955, Special Stamps - Wapp..
131 Stamp Day and Philatelic Fundation
Date of Issue: 27th October 1955, Special Stamp - Preus..
132-134 Berlin Bishop 25th Anniversary
Date of Issue: 26th November 1955, Special Stamps - Hl...
Date of Issue: 1st March 1956, Regular Stamp - Funkturm..
135 wv Berlin Buildings and Monuments (I)
Date of Issue: 1st March 1956, Regular Stamp; - Funkturm..
136-137 Federal Council Meeting, Berlin
Date of Issue: 16th March 1956, Special Stamps - Wappen..
Date of Issue: 12th May 1956, Special Stamps - VDI Embl..
140-154 Berlin Buildings and Monuments
Date of Issue between 22th Juni 1956 / 8th March 1962, ..
155 Flood Relief Fundation
Day of Issue: 9th August 1956, Special Stamp - Glocke mi..
156 Paul Lincke, 10th Death Anniversary
Day of Issue: 3rd September 1956, Special Stamp - Paul L..
157 German Industrial Exhibition, Berlin
Day of Issue: 15th September 1956, Special Stamp - Anten..
158 Stamp Day and Philatelic Fundation 1956
Day of Issue: 26th October 1956, Special Stamp - Branden..
159y 725th Anniversary of Spandau
Day of Issue: 7th March 1957, Special Stamp - Stadtansic..
Day of Issue between 27th April /6th July 1957, Special St..
163-172 Portraits (II)
Day of Issue between 22th June/6. May 1957-1959, Specia..
173 German Cultural Congress
Day of Issue: 6th August 1957, Special Stamp - Uta ( ers..
174-175 1st Federal Parliament Assembly in Berlin
Day of Issue: 15th October 1957, Special Stamps - Bundes..
Day of Issue: 23th October 1957, Special Stamp - Postili..
177 7th World War Veteran Congress, Berlin
Day of Issue: 28th October 1957, Special Stamp - Emblem ..
Day of Issue: 30th November 1957, Special Stamp - Elly H..
179-180 German Catholics´ Day, Berlin
Day of Issue: 13th August 1957, Special Stamps - Christu..
181 Major Prof. Otto Suhr, 1st Death Anniversary
Day of Issue: 30th August 1958, Special Stamp - Prof. Ot..
Day of Issue between 31th January / 22th May 1959, Regular..
187 Berlin Views (III)
Day of Issue: 14th February 1959, Regular Stamp - Berlin..
188 Berlin Airlift, 10th Anniversary
Day of Issue: 12th May 1959, Special Stamp  - Transport pl..
189 14th World Communities Congress Berlin
Day of Issue: 18th June 1959, Special Stamp - Brandenbu..
190 Friedrich von Schiller, 200th Birth Anniversary
Day of Issue: 10th. November 1959, Special Stamp - Fried..