Stamps is the collective term for various types of sticky paper notes. Stamps are primarily used to offset transport charges and / or various postal services. The official term is postage stamps. It is necessary to distinguish between postage stamps, service fees or Tax-stamps.


 111-112 Opening of the first West German Parliament, Bonn
Date of Issue: September 7, 1949; Special-postage Stamp ..
 113-115 Centenary of German Postage Stamps
Date of Issue: September 30th, 1949; special-postage stamp..
 116 Universal Postal Union (UPU), 75th Anniversary
Date of Issue: October 9th, 1949; special-postage stamp ..
 117-120 Humanitarian Relief Fund
Date of issue: December 14th. 1949, Special-Stamps - St. ..
 121-122 Johann Sebastian Bach, 200th Death Anniversary
Date of issue: July 28th. 1950, Special Stamp - Seal of J..
Date of Issue December 1st 1916; Special-postage Stamps ..
Date of issue: August 30th 1951, Special Stamps - Wall pa..
 141-142 National Philatelic Exhibition (NBA),Wuppertal
Date of Issue: September 14th. 1951  Special-Postage Stamp..
 143-146 Humanitarian Relief Fund (II)
Date of Issue: October 23th. 1951 Special-Postage Stamps ..
 148 Leonardo da Vinci, 500th Birth Anniversary
Date of issue: April 15th. 1952 Special Stamp - Mona Li..
 149 Conference of the Lutheran World Federation, Hanover
Date of issue: July 25th.1952, Special Stamp - Martin L..
Date of Issue December 1st 1919; Special-postage Stamps ..
 150 75th Anniversary of Otto Engine
Date of issue: July 25th. 1952, Special Stamp - Nikolau..
 151 Centenary of German National Museum, Nuremberg
Date of issue: August 9th. 1952, Special Stamp - Nuremb..
 152 Rehabilitation of Heligoland
Date of Issue: September 6th. 1952; Special-postage Stamp ..
Date of issue: September 17th. 1952, Special Stamps - W..
 155 100th Anniversary of Arrival of Carl Schurz in America
Date of Issue: September 17th. 1952 Special-postage Stamp ..
 156-159 Humanitarian Relief Fund (III)
Date of Issue: October 1st. 1952 Special-postage Stamps ..
 160 Thurn und Taxis Stamp Centenary
Date of Issue: October 25th. 1952; special-postage stamp ..
 161 German Telephone Service, 75th Anniversary
Date of Issue: October 25th. 1952; special-postage stamp ..
 162 Road Safety Campaign
Date of issue: March 30th. 1953, Special Stamp - Mother..
 163 Science Museum Munich, 50th Anniversary
Date of issue: May 7th. 1953, Special Stamp - Owl on Co..
Date of Issue December 1st 1921; Special-postage Stamps ..
 209-212 Pro Juventute 1924 Coat of Arms
 214-217 Pro Juventute 1925 Coat of Arms
St.Gallen, Appenzell-Ausserhoden, Graubünden
 222-225 Pro Juventute 1927
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Pädagoge
 235-238 Pro Juventute 1929
Luganer See,Engstlensee und Titlis,Lyskamm von Riffelalp, ..
 241-244 Pro Juventute 1930
Freiburg,Altdorf,Schaffhausen,Jeremias Gotthelf
 246-249 Landscapes, Alexander Vinet
Date of Issue: 1.December 1931; Pro Juventute-Ausgabe 1931..
 259-261 50 Jahre St. Gotthard Bahn
Louis Favre,Alfred Escher,Emil Welti,St.-Gotthard-Bahn
 262-265 Pro Juventute 1932
Volkssport,Fahnenschwenker,Steinstoßer,Schwinger,Prof. Eug..
 373-376 Gottfried Keller, Trachten
Date of Issue: 30.November 1940; Pro Juventute-Ausgabe - G..
Date of Issue: 1.December 1943; Pro Juventute-Ausgabe - E...
Date of Issue: June 15th 1944; Pro Patria - Heiden - St.Ja..
Date of Issue: September 1st 1944; Airmail - Haefeli DH ..
 460-463 Jobs; Country Houses
Date of Issue: June 15th 1945; Pro Patria - Seidenweber ..
Date of Issue: 15.June 1946; Pro Patria-Ausgabe Die Marken..
Date of Issue:  Special-postage StampMint never hinged, we..
Date of Issue:; Special-postage Stamp   Mint never h..
Date of Issue: ; Special-postage Stamp   Mint never ..
117 Pro Juventute 1913
Date of Issue December 1st 1913; Special-postage Stamp ..